Sports has always been a passion and researching unique angles on the subject is always enjoyable.  These articles  cover a wide range of topics and bring to the surface unusual entities.

The Milestone Syndrome – Numerical Plateaus and Their Implications
How numerical plateaus affect our perception of success and failure in sports, business, and war. When we appraise quantitative values they affect our decision making and sometimes our happiness. By chasing the numbers and their implications, is their worth real or imagined?

Weather and Baseball
Weather can be an instrumental part of the game for both players and fans.  It’s a game of inches where the elements, humidity, wind, sky cover, and precipitation can have a profound affect on the outcome.

Getting to First Base
There are many ways of getting to first base and the odds range from infinitesimal to a worthy percentage.  There are nine ways and maybe a tenth.

What’s the Score
Have you notice how announcer calling the game avoid mentioning the score.  Is this a marketing ploy to retain listeners or is this lazy reporting?

Tickets, It’s the New Market Place
Supply and demand control prices in this market and prices can range from sky-high to zero.  A little knowledge is preferable before investing in this market.