Short Stories

These short stories reflect provocative themes that address issues in a fictional setting.  The characters are a mosaic of those I knew growing up in a small town and working in government positions..

Another Woman
When his wife returns from a month-long sabbatical, the changes in her appearance and her forgetfulness make him apprehensive.  Working as a case officer for the German counter terrorist unit, his job is to analyze the data and take appropriate counter measure.  However, this is his wife.  He wonders if he is being overly paranoid or if she is another woman.  He has to do something.

Nessdahl Neavis Died Today – How Inconvenient
The handyman’s death was an inconvenience for the members of Eagan Creek.  A rather insignificant soul, it would be years before the town’s people came to know the true measure of this man.

Short Cut to Duffy’s
A cat’s late night howling creates a moral dilemma for Janet as she negotiates a solution at Duffy’s bar.  In life as in war, being detached from the crime makes the choices so much easier.

Do We Celebrate Hanukkah
When a six-year-old ask his father if they celebrate Hanukkah it results in a surprising revelation.  Story told as a pictorial greeting card and based on actual events.

Mac and Ole Talford
In this mock wedding announcement two old friends are united in an unusual partnership.  A recent law change made it possible and other than the obvious differences they are a loving couple.