Chocolates and Promises

By Erik Sean McGiven
      Free Verse      

She was freckles and pigtails
With a smile like sunshine
I was her taunting nemesis
Stumbling over simple feelings
Wanting? I still have no idea.

At lunch, one day,
She sat across from me
Eating a sandwich, drinking her milk
And I… with my candy bar, chocolate
Nibbled away, oblivious

I was going to tease her
But then she smiled at me
Her eyes begging
Her lips reaching out
Wanting.  Wanting what?

My heart stammered, for I thought
It was I.  But no, it was the chocolate
As I handed her a piece, our fingers
Touched warmly, and I blurted out some
Insane promise.  I’ve now forgotten

But I fancied her and
Through the years I plied her
Affections with cream filled and
Nut covered chocolates, and promises
Simply words, implications

But my yearning grew from affection
Into this obsession called love
Persuading her was an infernal job
Tons of sweets, heartfelt assurances
Eventually.  Eventually she succumbed.

We tied the knot, cut the cake
And sped into the night, tin cans rattling
Toddlers soon appeared, grew up like weeds
Then left, leaving vacant rooms
Empty hearts.  Precious memories

Her hair is now gray, and wrinkles
Reside where freckles use to be
But her smile, it’s still sunshine, and
She remembers so well
So fondly those chocolates, and promises 

I asked which was her favorite
The cream filled? TheCarmel?
“No, it wasn’t the chocolates”,
She replied, “it was the promises.
Especially the first one.  Remember?”

Oh, she remembers so well.  And all
I recall is the boxes and boxes of chocolates
She nudged me and whispered, “Forever?
To be together forever?”  Oh? Yes? YES.
Chocolates and Promises.  Forever

                       #    #    #