Thank you for your interest in writer Erik Sean McGiven! This is Erik’s official website, where you will find information about him, his literary works, and his writing career.

Writing mainly about the entertainment Acting Book Artworkindustry, he specializes in articles about the dramatic performance – acting techniques and strategies along with associated marketing aspects.  Writing film reviews is another part of his career. 

He works in the entertainment industry as a producer, writer and production designer and has written works for film and television, a PBS special, which won an Emmy nomination, plus a
BBC variety special featuring the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.  He has also done rewrites on three screenplays, all of which have been produced.  He’s an award-winning short story writer, and wrote an acting manual for his students entitled “The Rudimentary Elements of the Dramatic Performance.” 

His education is eclectic having attended several colleges including the University of Redlands, UCLA, and Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo.  Studies included screenwriting, music composition, engineering, and motion picture arts & sciences.  He also studied acting and directing with various drama instructors, most notably with famed Broadway and television director, Don Richardson. 

In the last year and a half, he wrote over 50 articles and reviews, and recentlyLos Angeles Cinematheque Logo awarded the Platinum Expert Author standing with EzineArticles.com.  Links to these articles are available on this site.

His knowledge covers a wide range of business and creative issues, and his perspective incorporates the dramatic triangle: the story, the performance and the audience.  This knowledge is based on analyzing award-winning performances by top actors, and researching the inter-relationship between the actors’ portrayals, the unfolding story, and the needs of the audience.  

Presently he consults on various motion picture projects, coaches actors, and mentors young people entering the entertainment industry.