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Since launching his website in November 2011, Erik Sean McGiven has posted over 60 articles, poems and short stories.  Most recently, he finished an article entitled Audience Collaboration – An Overlooked Storytelling Force.  This piece explores how the audience can enhance the story provided they are given engaging elements, space to contribute, and satisfying payoffs.  It goes on to discuss various opportunities, benefits and collaborative means.

On the business side, he wrote about the Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices That Film Crews FaceNumerous scams deprive non-union film crews of their rightful compensation and knowing them in advance can enhance your pocketbook, your career and your self-esteem. Also covered are legal remedies, filing government complaints, and posting grievance online.

Erik Sean McGiven is an avid sports fan and a keen observer of numerical phenomenons. In his article The Milestone Syndrome – Numerical Plateaus and Their Implications, he explains how numerical plateaus affect our perception of success and failure in sports, business, and war. When we appraise quantitative values, they affect our decision-making and sometimes our happiness. When chasing the numbers and their implications, we must evaluate their worth.  Are they real or imagined?

The Southwest Manuscripters awarded Erik Sean McGiven first prize for Nessdahl Neavis Died Today – How Inconvenient.   The handyman’s death was an inconvenience for the members of Eagan Creek.  It would be years before the town’s people came to know the true measure of this man.  This short story is loosely based on a hired man used by locals in his hometown and while a work of fiction, it peels away the small town veneer of self-regard and pretension. It illustrates that seemly insignificant souls can have an uplifting stories.

Chocolate and Promises is a free verse poem about a promise made by a young boy.  Prying her affections with chocolates, the promise becomes the cornerstone of their lifelong relationship

Erik Sean McGiven has written numerous other articles, short stories, and poems.  To see the complete listings go to This depository of his creative works is divided into the categories including acting, the biz, sports, poems, reviews and much more.  Many of the articles on acting are excerpts from his acting manual, The Rudimentary Elements of the Dramatic Performance.  The site also contains illustrations relating to this manual.