About effective ways to grow as an actor

Simple as that

It is full of articles, graphics, and videos to help nurture your craft and provide you with effective marketing tools and strategies.

My goal is to help you understand the performance process and the rudimentary skills required for professional status. To motivate you toward self discovery and show how the basics of acting revolve around making and implementing dramatic choices, choices, which support the dramatic equations, propel the story to its optimum potential, and create the desired illusion within the mind of the audience.

Get started by reading my series on Acting.  These articles are listed progressing from the most important elements of acting, the non-verbal qualities to the selection of intentions and emotions, to the more complex entities such as acting styles and character development.  In The Biz category, there are articles on networking, goal setting, and resources for developing an entertainment career.

This site reflects the creative works by Erik Sean McGiven and acts as a depository linking to his online articles and videos.  It also contains descriptions of longer works such as scripts and plays.  In addition, illustrations and photographs relevant to his writings are displayed on this site.


Erik Sean McGiven has worked in the entertainment industry in a variety of positions that include Producer, Writer, Director, Production Designer, Art Director, Script Supervisor, and Reader.  He has taught acting workshops as well as done private coaching and over the years developed a systematic approach to acting based on analyzing performances by award-winning actors. This approach is compiled in his book “The Rudimentary Elements of the Dramatic Performance”  and excerpts are posted online in form of articles and graphics.

Other writings include non-fiction, short stories, scripts and poems.  Periodically he does film reviews and thumbnail descriptions are listed on this site along with links to the full review.

He presently works for various production and distribution companies in the fields of production, publicity, and marketing.

He uses his pen name, Erik Sean McGiven, for his literary works as his given name is used multiple times by other industry professionals.  This distinct and recognizable pen name provides easy online access to his work and reduces misunderstandings about his accomplishments.

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